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DesktopWeb FormText   the war on natureWed, 29 Dec 2004 02:18:21 GMT # 

... its just a matter of time. not sorry for being cold blooded, but i'm finding the tsunami videos to be altogether unimpressive. its hollywoods fault for desensitizing me. now the body count, that is too impressive. my guess is that they are currently high, much like 9/11 initially was. regardless, this really sucked. and being xmas just makes it tragic. my guess is religous nuts are now tracing it back to passages in the bible or a nostradamus prediction. either way, its kind of appropriate that we've been eyeing MN4 at the same time. because an asteroid could definitely be considered a WMD. thats more along the lines of where i think our resources should be. i'm talking back to basics. e.g. survival. i think most people believe in survival of the fittest, they just dont practice it. in the US, we've made things way too safe. its way too hard for stupid people to die off. and its mainly the legal system thats keeping them alive. but if we've got a comet heading our way ... what good is our legal system going to do?

both times i've been to Harvard, i've heard the story about how students cant graduate until they learn to swim. some people consider this a ridiculous requirement. do you?