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DesktopWeb FormText   y2k4 reviewWed, 29 Dec 2004 02:39:08 GMT # 

i dont do resolutions, per se, but I do come up with goals at the start of each year. had 3 primary goals for this past year ...

1) blog (+). it was mainly supposed to be a moblog ... which is implemented, but i dont use (-). unexpected happenings include getting linked by some A listers (+) and not getting at least 1 job offer because of said blog (-) ... actually that is probably a good thing in the long run (+)
2) MCSD .NET (+). that was the one check box i did not have filled whenever a recruiter called. the messed up part is i only worked 3 months last year (-). i'm not exactly sure why my skill set is not in demand? oh well, at least my taxes will be low (+) and i had a lot of time to upskill (+). overall, getting certified seems to have been a waste of time (-)
3) Artificial Intelligence (+/-). read ALOT of AI books (+) and wrote a handful of articles (+). yet i've still got ALOT more to learn about AI (-). and i let my AI push get interrupted (-) to start teaching myself Spanish (+).

overall, i give myself a 70% for last year

aside. sometime this week marks my 4th year with .NET. it all started when i installed a VS.NET Alpha because i was snowed in one weekend in NY. turned in my 2 week notice the next work day