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DesktopWeb FormText   regarding extended downtimeThu, 30 Dec 2004 02:48:19 GMT # 

roland thinks that brains-N-brawn might be too obnoxious of a domain name. and that might be a reason i worked so little this last year. he's definitely right about the domain name being obnoxious. that was intentional. and mainly as a self challenge. if i was going to have the balls to brand myself that way ... then i better work my ass off to put some meat behind it. i've certainly tried to meet that challenge. ashamedly, i have let the brawn aspect slip ... and am in the process of beginning a new workout program. but i question that the name has kept potential employers at bay? 95% of my contracts have been through recruiters. when presenting me to a client, they typically take my resume and stuff it into their format. in that phase they usually strip off all of my contact info. e.g. the articles i write are most likely not seen by a client. from experience, i've never been to a client that actually knew about my website before i showed it to them. yes, i find that a little disheartening. on the other hand, i have been to clients that cannot access my website because the firewalls have it blacklisted as being adult content. that is a different story ... and would be a compelling reason to change domain names. but my guess is that bra-N-brew would get blacklisted as well :) so from a marketing standpoint, this website has been a complete and total failure. from a self-motivating view ... its a success