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DesktopWeb FormText   sickSat, 01 Jan 2005 00:44:11 GMT # 

i've got a cold thats kicking my ass right now. it sucks, because i get sick at most once a year. thought i was going to skip it this year ... but just missed out by a couple days. since its happening over new years, hopefully this one will fill my quota for next year too. i'm also one of those anti-antibiotic people. quite certain that we are doing a disservice to the human race with the frequency at which antibiotics are prescribed. all that ends up doing is speed up the predator / prey scenario for building a better virus. i live along the lines that the human body was built to heal itself. so i have a distaste for drugs in general. e.g. the kind that just hide the symptoms. i'd rather have the symptoms and know exactly how sick i am. cold sweats aren't that bad. if i'm really really sick ... then i'd resort to antibiotics. the interesting part is, i turned on the TV this morning and saw that a girl survived rabies without vaccination. might have misheard from a fever induced delerium ... but she might be the 1st recorded survival without vaccination. took her something like 11 weeks after getting bit by a bat. damn ... that took some balls. if i were ever to get rabies ... i'm getting the shot. related, i disagree with the parents that withhold medication from their children. i'm under the persuasion that you give the kids the drugs so they survive long enough to decide on their own. granted ... i dont think the same logic fits for religion. thats just brainwashing. the other thing about being sick is that it messed up my ability to accurately recall 'the feed / starve a fever / cold'. the same thing applies when trying to recall the 'beer / liquor never sicker' after you've been drinking. or the color patterns of a venemous snake when you've got a striped snake in your path. in this current state, the only cute emergency drill i can recall is 'stop drop and roll', which isnt applicable. finally, whenever i'm sick, i want osmosis type training materials for my immune system. e.g. audio and video programs that i could watch / listen to that explain how the immune system is supposed to work. just as a reminder to my white blood cells, since they might have gotten out of practice. sort of 'mind over matter' ... which explains why brains comes before brawn. signing out for 04