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DesktopWeb FormText   every power shall be met by a greater powerMon, 03 Jan 2005 00:34:01 GMT # 

[Frank Herbert, Dune] thats one of my favorite quotes. it used to be my training motto during football off season. knew i would either kick ass each season (or get my ass kicked) depending on how hard i trained out of season. since i'm no longer eligible to legally beat people up ... i now apply this quote to technology pursuits. used to think you could do a direct translation : i.e. 'every technology will be met by a greater technology'. e.g. the browser wars. but now i think the tech world has become a bunch of pussies, and now it would translate 'every technology will be met by a greater legal threat'. e.g.

-suing over spam
-fines for spyware
-RIAA file sharing settlements
-prison time for virus writers
-shutting down torrent search sites
-software patents

so when did we get lazy and decide to let lawyers do our jobs instead? this is not the path we (as technologists) want to be on. it is the path that lawyers want to be on. anyway, we need to kick them the fuck out and take responsibility for fixing the problems that we are enabling. fight fire with fire ... if you will. the one solace that i take is that most legal actions against technology have been mostly ineffective.