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DesktopWeb FormText   blog anniversarySat, 15 Jan 2005 01:29:24 GMT # 

its been 1 year since the 1st test post. my intention was to only moblog and very rarely blog from a keyboard. that did not hold. there is a possibility i'll rekindle that ... but no promises. i still prefer technical articles to blogs. i think i learned more from other people when articles were tops, along with the aspng listservs. people seemed to spend more time on articles and went into more depth. also, i have to hear the same crap over and over again from different people on blogs. with listservs, the 1st person to send out a message was the cool person. now blogs let everybody think they are the cool person and that everybody else copies them. i've even been guilty of that myself. then i had somebody kick me in the nuts to remind me otherwise. i am proud that i have never implemented a counter. i dont want to know how many people read this blog, or which posts people look at most. i do like that product managers and 'people in the know' are blogging (i'm not one of those people). but my thought is ... there is no reason these people couldnt have been in the community pre-blog. why didnt they join in the listserv or newsgroup communities years ago? and i do like blogs for the gophers. gophers are my pet names for people that live underground most of the time, but occasionally popup with something really cool. i dont like blogs for machine gun posters. about all i can take is a handful of posts from a site a day. anymore and i get stressed out from the # of unread messages. i delete those subscriptions and just add those sites to IE Favorites. personally, i have fun with my blog as well as using it to vent. there seems to be alot of bitching on blogs period. the blog was also supposed to be for marketing. when writing self publishing articles, i got sick of spamming everybody about a new article. so the blog seemed like the appropriate place to drop a line about a new article and then it could spread if people deemed it worthy. the problem with that though, is then people have to wade through all my personal crap to get to those rare technical bits. er, um ... i had the intention to creating categories, but did not. maybe later. also, i've flooded my blog with everything your not supposed to talk about : religion, politics, sex. not sure what that is doing for my career? in some peoples eyes, it has definitely hurt it. granted, i dont hang out with those people. but i do listen to them, and i have certainly considered cleaning up my act, as well as shutting down the blog entirely. but i havent. the thing about blogs that really get me is when people apologize for not blogging after a period of time. its like i've been holding my breath for them to post again. this is me saying 'i couldnt care less if you blog'. and i expect you to feel the same about me