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DesktopWeb FormText   winter wonderlandSun, 23 Jan 2005 00:30:05 GMT # 

this is my 1st time to really experience winter. thought it might be pseudo interesting to let you know what i've learned. 1) layers. wearing layers is by far the most important thing. i was always under the impression that you would wear 1 really warm thing, that would be better than wearing 2 pseudo warm things. but layers are on an exponential curve, instead of linear. 2) guys can wear earmuffs and not look gay. they are the behind the neck kind, without the princess leia poofs. 3) stay away from the black ice. i already knew about the yellow ice. 4) driveway technology sucks. snow blowers are ridiculously expensive and shoveling snow sucks. we really need a roomba type device for pushing snow off before it accumulates, or some sort of self cleaning litterbox stlye that scraps if off. else x-men style that just opens up and dumps oif off to the side. 5) snow banks are magnets for cars. 6) rain beats snow, if you are playing a modified rock-papers-scissors type game. 7) different frozen lake sports (other than fishing) : iceboat racing, motorcycles, and golfing. i really want to go and play on our lake, but have not gotten to yet. 8) levels of discomfort from cold (best to worst) ... booger freezing, fingernail pain, and then eyelid freezing. 9) mailboxes are magnets for snow plows. 10) atheists dont make snow angels. they make figures of a humanoid race that has evolved wings to avoid tsunamis. 11) if you speak while practicing a foreign language tape in your car, or are yapping away on your phone for a while, then you can put enough moisture into the car so that ice forms on the interior of the windows in your car. 12) leather seats are cold. 13) if you wear a trenchcoat style winter jacket and put on leather gloves, it might make you feel like a hit man. 14) when the metal on your car contracts from the cold, then your bassmobile will rattle alot more, no matter how much dynamat you have. 15) rear wheel drive cars suck on ice, unless you are into not being in control. 16) ice cream loses some of its appeal. 17) you can leave your groceries in the car for as long as you like. 18) when you take a drink in your car, dont put ice in it. 19) become friends with your local mr. plow 20) when shoveling snow, throw it to the opposite side from which the snow plow comes. also keep it away from your mailbox.