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hey Brian, it took me about 1 minute to start responding. dont know anything about green jelly band, but the 333 word limit is a play off 666; not that i believe in the devil either. and honestly, i think you are giving people too much credit. why? how about because 79% of Americans believe in the virgin birth. there are more stats in that article that are just as disturbing. i also disagree that there is a plan. i live, die, and then worm food. at least until Ray Kurzweil can figure out how to stop the aging process, or download my brain into a computer. because of the whole fear of dying (and hell) thing goes away ... then religion is going to take a big hit. i think aliens would have a similar impact? regardless, i'm a minority. and because xtians have the whole stance against birth control (safety in numbers), then i will remain a minority. i choose to be vocal on the chance of corrupting the youth. a militant atheist ... to let the kids know that its ok to not believe. and if i ever have kids, i wont force them to disbelieve ... it'll be their choice. thats not exactly the way it happens on the xtian side.