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still teaching myself spanish. i've mostly completed all of my beginner level material on both audio lessons and interactive software programs, and now i'm transitioning to the intermediate level material. my current level is that i can understand a decent amount from video and audio programs. of course video is easier with the visible context clues. the spanish channel is still mostly gibberish because of the increased grammar size, the speed and tone at which they speak, and the amount of background noise in the programs. can also read a little bit too. the reading is behind because it is so easy to just listen to audio lessons while driving. those car audio lessons really need to be paired up with a HUD (heads up display), so that i could see how some of the spoken words are spelled. i'm definitely further behind on actually speaking and writing. the audio programs help some, by giving you a sentence in english, and then you speaking it in spanish. except they are cheating, and giving you a sentence for which you can say within your limited vocabulary. the problem i have is that i think of sentences to say within my expanded english vocabulary, and then struggle to filter that down to what i can actually say in spanish. on the writing side, i'm having problems with the spanish accent marks. at the base level, its not exactly obvious to me how to easily type these characters on a US keyboard. secondly, the programs check for the accent marks. i wish the programs had an option to just check the base characters, and ignore the lack of accent marks, which i could sprinkle on later.