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DesktopWeb FormText   waiting for these peripheralsSun, 23 Jan 2005 22:36:06 GMT # 

lost my final PPC stylus, so had to go pick some up. the bad news is that neither BestBuy nor CircuitCity carried styli for my 1 year old HP iPAQ PPC ... or any PPC styli for that matter. they also had a pretty sad showing for PPCs in general. CompUsa was the only shop with any sort of selection. has that consumer market gone away ... and nobody bothered to tell me? went ahead and looked for some other stuff i hoped would have made it into stores by now. 1) where are the trackballs? i've been waiting forever for MS to come out with a new trackball. especially with the horizontal scroll capability. bluetooth might be nice too. 2) USB, noise cancelling, behind the neck headphones with a microphone. there was actually a logitech one in the store that had everything except USB. bluetooth would be nice here too, but i'm not sure the quality would be as high, and i'm really looking for this for speech app dev.