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DesktopWeb FormText   PayPal made me lieSun, 13 Feb 2005 05:03:57 GMT # 

... and i hate lying

anyway, i had to sign up for their credit to confirm an address. the entry form required me to enter an address, a phone #, optionally enter 2 other phone #s, etc. the problem is that it checked to make sure that the area code for the mandatory phone # matched the viable area codes for that address. so since i only have a cell phone, and its area code is 469 (dallas), then it would not accept it as a valid phone # for wisconsin (262). the only way to get the form to accept it was to put the wrong area code on the mandatory phone #, and then put my real phone # in the optional fields

i've been cell only for something like 5 years now ... and i cannot recall having any other problems. actually ... that is a lie. i cant order pizza. with an area code of 469 and the last name of chesnut ... they generally assume its a prank call and dont prepare my order. then when i show up their like 'oh crap' ... will make it while you wait. cant tell you how many free pizzas i've gotten that way

but there is no way i'm giving up my 469 area code ... its just too funny! ... unless there is a 666 area code?