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DesktopWeb FormText   book : Mind HacksSun, 27 Feb 2005 23:37:15 GMT # 

how could i pass up a title like that? the book uses an interesting twist to teach the ways in which our mind works. it has 10 chapters concentrating on different topics dealing with the mind : Brain, Seeing, Attention, Hearing, Integrating, Moving, Reasoning, Togetherness, Remembering, People. each of these chapters has about 10 'hacks' for a total of 100 hacks. each hack is just a couple pages about one small aspect of the mind. the hacks vary from explaining the results of some academic experiment, to everyday experiences, to activities you can attempt by yourself or with friends. an example is how you can find your blindspot, or how you can improve memory by thinking about location. the most interesting parts of the book is when it would explain behavior as important to evolution. e.g. being wary of an approaching shadow, or being able to recognize faces. the problem i had with this book is that it had alot of external links. so i'd have to put the book down to go to those links. once i was on the computer, it was hard to return to the book ... so this book took more time to read than it should have. overall, i really enjoyed this book