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DesktopWeb FormText   did somebody say Hailstorm?Thu, 03 Mar 2005 01:03:19 GMT # 

Dare did, and he's got an interesting theory that google might be coming up with their own Hailstorm. my response ... about damn time somebody did. i played (the Rant at the bottom of that link applies) with Hailstorm when it was an alpha over 3 years ago. since then, even with all the WS-* specs we have now, i have yet to see any web service offering that even comes close. it was (and is) the killer WS idea. and the implementation MS had back then was crazy ahead of its time. they were full on contract 1st with extensive schemas. the only bad thing i can say about it is when MS rebranded it with a wimpy name like My Services

so google might be able to pull it off because they 'dont do evil'. thats a cute lie, but it is a lie. they've been slowly becoming more evil as time passes. 1) buying and crippling it. the recent google groups update finally gets it back to where it was years ago. 2) possibly censoring content for china (but i'm not sure about this one?) 3) gmail 4) making blog engines do googles work for them with the rel='nofollow' tag. 5) AutoLinks. regardless, i dont care that they are evil ... just give me some Hailstorm derivative. because we could write some extremely compelling apps with the raw power it offers