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DesktopWeb FormText   comment spam outcomeMon, 21 Mar 2005 00:29:12 GMT # 

remember the /aiCaptcha article? just to see if comment spam was effective, i took a screen shot of alexa's traffic ranking for bNb before running the comment spam bot (over 2.4 million). i meant to look at the comparison exactly one month later ... but i forgot. so here is the before / after pic from 50 days later (under 1 million). i haven't really made any noise since then, so it looks like comment spam really does work. the only unexpected variable is that the article got legitimately linked by a # of blogs, so that screwed up the test. i dont keep statistics for my server, in case alexa is not a good source? also, i was really surprised nobody manually spammed the comments for the article (or my blog). really figured that somebody would do that to be funny, and i would have thought it was... but it didnt happen. finally, i get tons of requests for that code. from university students, people that are implementing CAPTCHA, and even spammers. no, i'm still not giving it away. finally, the article did exactly what i intended. the blogs i read used to say something to the effect of : ... blah CAPTCHA blah ... and now they often read : ... blah CAPTCHA (even though its breakable) blah ...