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DesktopWeb FormText   [book] Exploring AI in the New MilleniumTue, 22 Mar 2005 14:00:27 GMT # 

(2003) this book was made up of 13 chapters. each chapter was an expanded paper that had been presented at a conference. they were chosen by having been received well at each conference, and to cover some of the major themes currently being worked on in AI : machine vision, multi-agent sytstems, etc... finally, the papers weren't overly aggressive in beating you down with math. i liked about 1/2 of the topics. some of them were more technical, so i had to really slow down my reading rate to get through them. some of them were boring and technical ... and i just started flipping pages on those to get to the conclusion. anyway, i purposefully read this book to see what the current state of AI looked like, because i've been reading alot of dated books. at least this book is real similar to the much older books that i had been reading. the names have changed (people, problems, and algorithms) ... but everything else looks the same. the articles mostly used soft AI, and alot of it was based on probabilistic techniques; so bayes was a recurring theme (which i haven't studied yet)