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DesktopWeb FormText   stacks of booksWed, 23 Mar 2005 00:25:30 GMT # 

i read a decent amount. and a coworker just brought in about 15 books that he thought i would be interested in ... all AI related. grabbed a handful that made the most sense, but the others have to wait, because here is a pic of my current reading stacks. the 2 left most (2 deep) columns are what has been read. those were all read within the last year, minus the 6 CF books front left and the Tablet book i just got for free (those were read previous to last year). mostly AI, certification, and other random tech. if you can make it out, i did not actually read the huge Windows XP 2nd Edition book (1469 pages) ... but its sitting there as a reference. that leaves the 3 columns to the right as unread. the right most stack is 'if i have time'. mostly AI books that are more about history / ideas, than about a specific technology. you could call it pleasure reading. the next column in is AI tech books to read. mostly game programming, pattern recognition, and genetic algorithms. plus the obligatory Russell and Norvig. that stack needs to have books added to it involving bayes, support vector machines, cellular automata, etc... the middle stack is other tech books to read. just random stuff i've picked up for some reason or another. so that could easily be a years worth of reading. the bad news is there are about 10 more books that i've almost committed to ordering. plus i have to actually write code sometime ...