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DesktopWeb FormText   writing for MSDN onlineSat, 26 Mar 2005 00:48:11 GMT # 

i've blasted off a couple times about how i would never write for MSDN ... well ... i lied. changed my mind because self publishing seems to be doing jack for self marketing. so i've decided to see if writing for MSDN works better. along the way i've been keeping a list of pros/cons/moot of what i experienced. overall, the process went fairly smooth. but i'm not sure if the other groups follow the same process ... i'll have to try and find out

-getting paid. even though i've been writing articles for free ... money talks
-possibly the perceived 'microsoft blessing' that comes with being published by them
-visibility. er, um ... i purposefully have no clue how much traffic bNb gets, but MSDN definitely gets ALOT more
-getting access to the product group for technical review
-possible resume flare?
-high quality editing

-biased. i dont feel i can be as open in an article when finding a bug or complaining about a missing feature or linking to external parties
-having to wait for an article to be reviewed and such before going live. when i finish an article i want it online NOW!
-having to write the article in word using their template. i'm really partial to the VS.NET HTML editor, especially since i can write the article and code in the same IDE
-not being able to update an article later on
-not being able to make the article interactive (e.g. codebehind logic) or being able to add large documents, video clips, etc ...
-it is tedious having to read your article over and over again after each editing cycle
-the article link is to a .asp page ... lame

-having to use capital letters. cant they get an editor to add capital letters for me?
-selling the rights to the article
-getting my grammar reviewed. yes, my grammar sucks, but i dont really care ... unless you stop being able to understand me
-having to do paperwork to approve the article and such. i really hate printing and sending snail mail
-dont get to cuss in the article or write personal crap that is only slightly on topic