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DesktopWeb FormText   the 'no self-publish' experiment beginsSat, 26 Mar 2005 17:10:37 GMT # 

now that the 1st article is out, i can comment on the new experiment i'm running for this year (last years experiment was 'code hogging'). the new experiment is 'not self publishing'. every article i write this year will be for MSDN or professional magazines ... if i can even make those connections. i've written my 1st article for MSDN now, and am talking with some other groups too. what is interesting to me is where the article ideas come from? so far it seems like the article ideas come from authors in the community. my original thought was that the content team would already know what content they wanted written about, and then would look for an author. it does seem like the groups do have specific content they want articles for, but they dont seem interested in sharing that. its more like i share my idea, and they see if it matches. on the off chance there is a product group looking for authors ... then this is me announcing my availability. i'll be able to chew up your code and spit out an article in no time. so for the rest of this year, i will not self publish any articles ... which is also a lie ... because i already broke it with the /aiCaptcha article. could not think of anybody that would publish that? i'll probably break the rule at least once more, because there are a couple of ‘over-the-top’ articles that I want to write ... nudge, nudge, wink, wink, hubba, hubba ;)