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DesktopWeb FormText   beer and tablet PCsFri, 01 Apr 2005 04:58:02 GMT # 

its cool to see Tablet PCs out in the wild. just so happens that a local company has created a Tablet application for Miller Brewing. so what they do is send out Miller representatives (read cute girls) to establishments (read bars) to collect information from patrons (read drunks) using a Tablet. because i like beer and Tablets (in no particular order), i found out their schedule to go and meet them. they use a slate Tablet PC in a rugged case. so that works great for getting around in a crowd and doing surveys. some interesting notes is that they dont let the drunks actually write on the Tablet. which is good, because my handwriting is pretty bad to begin with :) they also had some problems with the Tablet in general (not the application). 1) sometimes they have problem getting the popup keyboard icon to show up in a text field. 2) sometimes the popup keyboard comes up and immediately goes away. i can only recall experiencing #1 once or twice. when it did happen, it was pretty annoying; but its been rare that i've gotten into that state. #2 used to happen relatively frequently when i was just getting started, but i adjusted my behavior so this rarely happens now.