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DesktopWeb FormText   got renewed as WS MVPSat, 02 Apr 2005 05:32:18 GMT # 

cool, because i thought there was a decent chance i would not. mainly because last year was my 'code hog' experiment, alot of it was AI, and the comment spam misunderstanding. i'm very happy to get renewed, even though i'm still trying to find the spot where i really fit. so i asked to be switched and crossed my fingers. the main problem i have is liking too many different technologies. i'll go off on some tangent with tech X for a while, and then want to experiment with Y, or brush up the skills for W. call it blitzkrieg learning. but the most fun is trying to take a # of different techs and to try and make them work together. this crossing of products doesnt work so well with the program. the groups i've been a part of (especially the leads) have been overly helpful (Thank you). but when i've tried to get info outside of my group, its been far from stellar. and its not for the lack of NDAs being signed ... because i've lost track. regardless, i love this stuff, so i'll keep pushing. to the CF guys (and girl), its been a blast. you guys are absolutely phenomenal. hope that you let me visit sometime