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DesktopWeb FormText   after the MSDN online articleMon, 11 Apr 2005 14:08:04 GMT # 

since it already peaked, i thought it might be interesting to give an update on the 1st MSDN article. first, the ranking is bogus. my friends went and pumped it up ... which is appreciated :) second, i discovered that i have some enemies. somebody swooped in and gave it a rating of 1. its not my best article, but its not a 1 either. not sure how i pissed them off ... all i can come up with is that it was somebody that got /aiCaptcha'd? third, i had to ask about the comments. right now it does not look like i get access to view the comments for the article at all. this kind of sucks because i'm assuming there is at least 1 comment that would help me to write a better article next time. also, the comments might tip me off as to who my enemies are ... so that i can vanquish them. fourth, the article moved up the link chain. it started out hidden towards the bottom of the Tablet dev center. then it made it to the Mobile Dev Center ... with a graphic! ultimately, it made it to featured article on the home page ... with a different graphic! honestly ... its all about getting a graphic (of course i saved a screen shot to show my mom). finally, the SVG sites have linked it ... because you dont see too many articles about SVG on MSDN ...