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DesktopWeb FormText   WSE and NTD messages dont mixMon, 11 Apr 2005 21:54:47 GMT # 

the agile developer just pointed out one of the problems i have with current MS messages. they are pushing WS-* and NTD apps. so of course you want to create your super cool NTD app that uses WSE to call back to the mothership. the problem is that WSE cannot run without enhanced permissions ... which defeats the purpose.

i actually got around this before in the /tabletSign article. the NTD app was an embedded WinForms control served up from a web page. secured it up by rebuilding the /cfWSE bits for the desktop and only using fully managed crypto (SHA1 and TripleDES). it used a UsernameToken for authentication, signed, and encrypted. so it can be done ... it just takes some work. now the question is if Indigo has some way to make this better? but my gut feeling is that the answer is ClickOnce, in which you install to get the elevated permissions for WSE