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DesktopWeb FormText   platinum crossbar (broken)Sun, 24 Apr 2005 16:32:59 GMT # 

so i've been slacking in the brawn department. as i get older i'm being forced to stop powerlifting ... because i kept injuring myself. so i took off over 6 months last year without touching a weight (to heal). thats the longest i've gone without lifting since 8th grade. that put me about 10 pounds heavier than i like to be ... and now i'm starting to get back into the workouts, more of a bodybuilding style this time. the crappy part is all the gyms where i live suck. looked at the home gyms for a longest time and went with the platinum crossbar (purposefully did not go with freeweights). had it for just over a month and have really liked it. the range of motion is good and the tension during the motion is decent. been able to get really good upper body workout in on it, and ok leg workouts. the only annoyances have been the interface for adjusting weights. it starts out in 1 pound increments and increases the longer you hold it. first off, nobody needs to adjust the weight by 1 pound increments. 5 pounds is all the granularity you need. maybe 2.5 pounds, but that could be adjusted by having an additional hand weight. second, it should have a number keypad so you can enter the weight directly. also, the gym came with a lousy poster for what workouts could be done and a VHS tape ... lame. so i grabbed the exercise info off their website and put together a WinForms app to help me select exercises. also extended it to record my workout info. everything was working great until last night. its uses motorized resistance for adjusting tension, which allows for greater range of motion. well the problem from reading multiple web sites is that the motors suck. i assumed that these people just got lemons ... but it just hit me as well. my motor went out last night, nor will it reset. all this does is remind me how much i hate STUFF. customer service is the bane of my existence. and now i'm stuck limited to push ups for a while.