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DesktopWeb FormText   book : Managed DirectX Kick StartSun, 24 Apr 2005 17:33:59 GMT # 

(Miller 2003) i've looked at DirectX a couple times now, but never gotten anywhere. been looking more closely since it offered up a managed interface. read the SDK, but its does a better job of confusing than educating. also read a # of other MDX books, but didn't pick up that much from them. actually, i think i've looked at ALL the MDX books on the market right now ... and this is THE book. i'm only half way through, but have learned a ton. i'm finally starting to understand the Device, VertexBuffers, IndexBuffers, Mesh, Textures, etc. the book does a great job of building upon previous examples, and also pointing out common problem spots to avoid. and its packed with info ... definitely see myself re-reading a good portion of it again. even better, Miller has a 2nd book out ... so i've already picked that up