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DesktopWeb FormText   covenantMon, 25 Apr 2005 22:09:41 GMT # 

i really dont like this. not strong enough ... i hate it. the concept is you've got an open channel for web services traffic and every message comes through that same channel and is then routed accordingly. first off, the contract is pushed down a layer so you get strong typing later in the process ... bad. but i really dislike it that you cant tweak out that channel with security, reliability, attachments, etc... i dont want to just put a contract on that channel for the message body that can come in, i also want to have a contract to specify how that message should come in (signed, encrypted, etc...). and i dont want that message to get to me until the framework has blessed it. so am i supposed to have one channel for secure messages, another one for messages with attachments, one with secure messages and attachments ... forget it. i do understand the need for flexibility, and XML is built to handle that with xsd:choice/any/@any, so use that when you have to ... but strongly type as much as possible. if you dont want the strong typing ... then have fun screen scraping HTML with that regex