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DesktopWeb FormText   gay MSTue, 26 Apr 2005 00:05:39 GMT # 

i couldnt care less about MSs stance on gays. people will find some way to make MS evil no matter what they do. but since alot of people do seem to care, i thought i should bring up the bNb stance. well, since i'm the only employee and straight ... bNb has no opinion on the matter (except for being pro lesbian). personally, i lean towards the homophobic side, and here's why. about 10 years of my football career involved me playing center. yep, thats the position where you've got the QB hands between your legs. now the sickening part is when you do the math. each season lasts about 15 weeks. each week has about 5 days where the QB takes snaps. and each day you do at least 100 snaps. that comes to 75000 times that a guys hands have been between my legs. so i instantly became homophobic the 1st time i did that math (prompted by wiseman). it gets even worse if we continue on with the math. say my life expectancy is 50 more years from the date i stopped playing ball (18250 days). 75K divided by 18250 days equals 4.1 times that i need a female to reach between my legs each day to even things out. and the TS is already falling behind. so i've had to resign myself to the fact that i cant beat that number. now the sick part is that i can remember the quarterbacks faces ... but none of their names. ... i'm a dirty dirty girl :)