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DesktopWeb FormText   2 new articles : MD3DMTue, 10 May 2005 21:49:22 GMT # 

the 1st article (/cfMDX) is the setup punch. it is about the basics of Managed Direct 3D Mobile (MD3DM). it looks at the samples that come with VS 2005 B2 and ports some basic desktop Managed DirectX (MDX) samples over to run on the device. this points out what is different between developing Managed DirectX on the desktop and the device. the 2nd article (/cfWorldWind) is the knockout punch. it is a 1st cut at porting NASAs WorldWind desktop app (C# and Managed Direct3D) to run on a Pocket PC (C# and MD3DM). it currently does not work with the satellite imagery, but it does work with all the locally installed data, as well as handling some of the add-ons.