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DesktopWeb FormText   MEDC wrapupSat, 14 May 2005 01:50:15 GMT # 

thought it was pretty good. the keynote was rather flat. i say that because the stuff i got most excited about was Mike Halls presentation of Embedded XP. after that i attended sessions on Managed Direct3D Mobile, Tablet PC, and the Compact Framework. the MD3DM presentations i went to were the best. got to see a demo of a board game running on an early flash of Windows Mobile 5.0 on a Dell x50v ... too sexy. and Texas Instruments had a great presentation about the D3DM software driver(s) they are working on for the next generation of Smartphones. also spent time helping out with the Hands On Labs for Tablet PCs. er, um ... actually i was just kind of there. the Tablet group was all over handling questions and i couldnt get a word in; but the great thing is they were giving out wacom digitizers to whomever completed the labs so that they could continue trying it out at home. what an excellent giveaway. tried to get a podcast video done of /cfWorldWind, but that didnt happen. did get to hang out with the podcast guys and check out their setup. they were actually using an array of Tablet PCs to do alot of their encoding. didnt get to see much of vegas because my time was pretty much already scheduled and i had to arrive late/leave early, but i did manage to kill some brain cells and to meet alot of people that i know from the newsgroups and listservs ... thats always cool. of course i walked away from it with a bunch of new ideas of stuff i want to code ...

now for the bad news ... there will be no booth babe shots this year. i'm not saying that there weren't any booth babes this year, but there were substantially less than last years, so i didnt even bother. meaning there were hardly any females. so i'm blaming the low babe turnout on the embedded guys. my guess is that the VSLive / Speech guys had a better booth babe ratio? regardless, i hope this trend does not continue