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DesktopWeb FormText   more MCE dev painFri, 20 May 2005 02:52:29 GMT # 

wanted to develop a quick proof of concept MCE Add-In assembly. you can code it in VS.NET 2003 but you have to do compile it to .NET 1.0 for the MCE shell to be able to host the assembly (lame). got a HelloWorld AddIn to work in no time. now i was extending it to do some actual work. it has to do COM interop, so i used tlbimp.exe to create a RCW. the RCW also has to be strong named because that is an MCE Add-In requirement. the problem is that the RCW i generated was for .NET 1.1. download .NET SDK 1.0 ... and i get greeted with this friendly dialog. SOMEBODY NEEDS A BEATING