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DesktopWeb FormText   "no self publish" experiment is overSun, 22 May 2005 18:53:59 GMT # 

for the last handful of years, i've started out each year with some experiment. 00 was the "website year". 01 was "be public". 02 was "self publish articles". 03 was "drink alot" ... no kidding :) last year was "code hog", and this year was "no self publish".

now i'm officially ending the "no self publish" experiment (it actually ended when i released the 2 MD3DM articles). the main reason is that i felt like it was slowing me down. from the time when i come up with an idea, it takes to long for it to get ok'd, to go ahead and write it, tech reviewed, edited, etc. and the times i got turned down, its like a bucket of cold water when i'm all horned up and ready to code. the negative for me is that it will be like leaving cash on the table, as well as ignoring the power of the publisher blessing, and their reach. the negative for the reader is that the articles wont be edited, or massively tech reviewed, and they'll be lower case. the positive is that i can crank out more stuff and be more open (read honest). this should keep me more sane. for the rest of the year, i'll assume self publish from the start, and possibly think about getting an article pushed up to a publisher after the fact.