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DesktopWeb FormText   oneNote powerToy contestMon, 23 May 2005 02:28:59 GMT # 

so the contest is to write a powerToy for oneNote that uses the new import API (with OneNote SP1). they've got a list of potential ideas, with the 2nd one being importing 'Microsoft Windows Journal to OneNote'. of course ... i already wrote that code here. but i cant submit it to this contest because of the line in the official rules that says "without use or inclusion of code from other sources, open source or otherwise". damnit! this has happened a couple times now with MS coding contests. i really wish they would stop including that line. it almost motivates me to not write any articles about a technology ... until they come out with a contest. and the moral of the story is ... i really want to win a newer tablet ... i'm still generation one ... and still love it. yes, i'm too cheap to buy my own hardware. somehow i need to get MS to realize how much i evangelize their software that they should just shower me with experimental hardware to code against. anyway ... thats my dream :)