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DesktopWeb FormText   /aiCAPTCHA update and /coding4pr0nMon, 23 May 2005 03:14:23 GMT # 

thought you might find this interesting. since writing the CAPTCHA article i've been contacted by a total of 6 people that want me to beat some CAPTCHA for them. 2 of those have been to beat TicketMaster ... expected. to clear your minds ... i'm not doing any of them. of course i'm honored to be approached for shady business deals ... so keep them coming. "high technology and questionable morals" ... that should be my new catch phrase. now i just need to get the p0rnagraphers to contact me about advancing the state of their industry ... in fact i think MS should take the initiative. they now have the /coding4fun site for hobbyist/game developers. thats great that MS recognizes them and provides free tools, but they are also entirely ignoring the adult industry. MS needs a coding4pr0n dev center. where adult webmasters can learn about how ASP.NET/SqlServer can smoke their PHP/MySQL implementations. how to do Forms Authentication to beat my spider. using GDI+ to create thumbnails on the fly. how DirectShow can be used to convert their videos into multiple streaming formats for Windows Media Player. how to create a mobile version of their site using the Mobile server controls. etc. they should have evangelists and the whole bit. er, um ... so maybe evangelist isnt the right title. sinologists? come to think of it, i would be perfect for the job since i already have the pr0n star last name :) BTW ... i'm serious.