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DesktopWeb FormText   AEON FLUXThu, 26 May 2005 20:18:51 GMT # 

Gerry tipped me off to the AeonFlux site. i had no clue ... but there is a movie coming out this year! this is most excellent. i still remember having my mind blown when it 1st aired on MTVs Liquid Television. the shorts were the best, but the series was high quality too. signed up for email alerts yesterday, and today there is a video game trailer. it starts out with the old AeonFlux look, but then transitions to Charlize Theron visage ... that pisses me off. i understand that the movie actress cannot look just like her, but do not transition the actresses face into the video games. stick with the old school whenever possible. my guess is they will come out with action figures (read dolls) and screw those up too ...