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DesktopWeb FormText   DHTML for MCEFri, 27 May 2005 03:36:08 GMT # 

i pretty much despise web programming. the web is cool, but programming for the web sucks. its just a bunch of piecemail pseudo standards. and they keep piling more crap on. e.g. AJAX is putting lipstick on a pig. the only time i'll do web programming is when i have to. well ... i currently have to for MCE development. the programming model is DHTML for Hosted HTML apps. i'm comfortable with the HTML and Javascript side, but i'm totally lacking CSS. the reason i've avoided CSS is because i'm not a girl. there is something about being a man that forces me to avoid the word 'style' and 'making web pages look good'. the man part steers me towards making the website 'work' and doing the 'heavy lifting' behind the scenes. the only web specs i actually like are the XML flavor. e.g. XHTML, SVG ... for the life of me, i cant figure out why SVG isnt the web programming model for MCE? it could easily scale to the varying television sizes. oh yeah ... IE doesnt support SVG. actually, beyond that, i cant figure out why i'm forced to do web programming for a full screen UI that will run locally on an MCE device? nobody has given me a decent answer for this yet ... ... avalon better make all this go away