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DesktopWeb FormText   tablet crashSun, 29 May 2005 05:37:07 GMT # 

for some unknown reason ... my tablet has a tendency to crash when on an airplane. i'll just be inking along, minding my own business, and it will lock. wait 5 or 10 minutes and it doesnt come back. so then i force a power down and try to bring it back up. waited about 5 or 10 more minutes, but it was stuck on the black screen that says Windows XP Tablet Edition and has a meaningless progress bar that just keeps going from left to right over and over again. ran out of patience and force powered it down again. so at that moment i ran out of 2 patience points. first, i couldnt wait any longer for it to boot. second, i cant wait to get a new tablet. took a deep breath and powered it back on, and set off 2 mental processes. first, to count the number of times that the progress bar scrolled by. second, to brainstorm ideas of how to win a new Tablet in the oneNote competition. the thing about brainstorming is that its usually best to have something to write down the crazy ideas on ... doh. the end result is i have a couple oneNote powerToy ideas to cook up. also, i counted 1111 progress bar passes before it finally booted. serious ... i really think it was 1111 times ... but i went delirious there for a little bit ... the whole brainstorm thing is not always a pretty picture