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DesktopWeb FormText   parade of homesMon, 30 May 2005 14:52:52 GMT # 

the TS dragged me to an open house of 7 (approximately) million dollar homes in the DFW area. they were all on the same street and done by different builders, decorators, landscapers, etc... the sizes ranged from 5K to 7K square feet. they all had wine cellar areas and elaborate media rooms. sadly, i did not see any Media Center Editions in any of them. there were multiple plasma screens in each house, and some houses seemed to have a TV in every room! even saw a couple of those mirror TVs. only one of them had a library and that same one was the only one with the gym ... my favorite. all the rest just had lots of bedrooms and religious artifacts ... the whole no birth control thing. they all had pools too, but not any outdoor hottubs? nor were any of the pools kid friendly. some of them did have secret stairways and doors ... slick. all the houses were overdecorated. the kitchens and dining room tables had so much crap on them, theres no way you could actually cook or eat there. and the recurring sentence of the day was 'you can never have too much closest space'. if i was some eccentric millionaire ... i'd live in a warehouse. serious, one big open space ... minimal interior walls. i'm talking you'd even pull the car into it. that just seems so functional, and a great way to avoid having to duplicate stuff. shelter and warmth ... home