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DesktopWeb FormText   positive reinforcement for bad behaviorTue, 31 May 2005 16:27:23 GMT # 

some of my buddies have been getting into blogging the last month. they ended up using .Text or CS as their blogging engines, which gives them stats about how many subscribers they have and such. so they just assume i have this info too. well i dont ... i wrote my blog engine to customize it for mobile devices, so never got around to implementing counters, trackbacks, and crap. another reason i've avoided stats is because i did not want to be influenced by hits. i.e. dont want my pure thoughts to be corrupted by the outside world :)

but this weekend i was cleaning up my server, including the log files, so i went ahead and took a peek : from the log parsing tool i used it is hard to tell how many people subscribe to the blog. its either 500 or 2000? either way, its been on a slow steady upward trend. the mobile interface gets about 1/12th the traffic that the main site does ... way more than i expected. firefox is 16% of the traffic. most popular article BY FAR is /aiCaptcha, we're talking a HUGE upward spike. most downloaded file is PaStripClubs.txt ... dont ask. most downloaded image is hootersCops.jpg.

and if you look at the log files before 2005, the hits i get now are just a drop in the bucket as to what the /pass adult search engine was getting in 2002. the good stuff i've done, such as tablet, compact framework, web services, etc... gets minimal hits in comparison. so from this analysis, its clear that people are most interested when i use the dark side of the force. "i am evil homer! i am evil homer. i am evil homer! i am evil homer."