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DesktopWeb FormText   when worlds collideSat, 04 Jun 2005 01:59:34 GMT # 

optionsScalpers latest post is about the rabbit holes he is looking into, including : lack of recent programming language advancement, evolving compilers!, natural language processing, exparative modeling?, and SOA. er, um ... its not light reading. but it does exemplify optionsScalper. he's constantly bringing up concepts from my formal education which i can just barely recall the name of, let alone the concept itself, and then using that in an argument for (or against) some higher level concept i currently use in day to day programming. doh ... i was under the impression all of that was just theory that didnt apply in practice? he's also thinking about much harder problems than what i tackle. anyway, he ends with a challenge about becoming interdisciplinary and pushing the industry. agreed and agreed. personally, i've been feeling the need to start looking at problems outside of software dev, as well as feeling that the pace of the SW industry is slowing down.