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DesktopWeb FormText   brains-N-brawn.xxxSun, 05 Jun 2005 02:53:06 GMT # 

you should have heard by now that the domain .xxx has been approved. now people are arguing about whether this was a good idea or not? personally, if i was creating an adult site, i would choose .com. if i had cash to spare, then i'd pick up .xxx. but i dont have an adult site :(

regardless, i'm considering dropping .com, and going solely with .xxx. doesn't mean that i'd put up any more adult content ... but it would just make my email address so much cooler. then every tech blog that i went to and left a comment would have .xxx plastered all over it, so ultimately the existing adult content filters will start blocking harmless blogs. sucks to be them

also, if i was a legit domain, then i would buy the .xxx just so that a pr0n site cant grab it. e.g., ... you see what i mean. think of it as registrar taxation

the good news is that the godaddy commercials will probably get even more interesting ...

finally, this is a perfect time for MS to start thinking about /coding4pr0n