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DesktopWeb FormText   MVP slamSun, 05 Jun 2005 12:13:03 GMT # 

Bill posted a copy from the newsgroup. but i just dont get the anger ... why doesn't the poster just ignore the title? that's what i do. the MVP title is for what the person did last year. while i'm all about 'what have you done lately'? for the current year it might give them some inside perspective, but there's no gaurantee. and if people are giving you FREE advice on the newsgroup ... thats the same quality that you should expect. some of it will be worthless, while some of it is invaluable ... regardless if the person is an MVP, Microsoft, or your mother. anyway, i found it amusing that the person was pissed off enough to flame the whole group, but didnt name names. dont be a puss ... call some people out. at least i think i'm innocent ... because i dont hang out at any of those groups. anyway, i've got to get back to hugging my certification letters and sitting around theorizing about architectures ...