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DesktopWeb FormText   my take on TechEd announcementsSat, 11 Jun 2005 02:19:26 GMT # 

NOTE i wasn't there, but was watching the keynotes and reading the press releases

WindowsMobile - push email. why wasn't this announced at MEDC? dont run my own exchange server, nor do i want email on my mobile device ... but 40 WindowsMobile 5.0 devices this year ... thats HUGE! of course, we'll only get about 5 of those in the US ... or maybe not? hopefully this will make the US a 1st class citizen for Smartphone releases. as far as security, i still want the self-destruct feature ... we're talking schrapnel

Tablet - Lenovo tablet. not that i care about aesthetics ... but ThinkPads are ugly. give me Dell and Sony ... then we'll talk

Web Services - WS-Management. could you pick a less glamorous domain? still holding my breath for WS-Devices Profile

Office - XML format and Outlook Add-Ins. what about OneNote, so that it doesnt become the same blackhole that Windows Journal was. personally, i have no motivation to hook Outlook or any other Office products

Visual Studio and SQL Server - release dates. ... i cant wait! Biztalk 2006 ... is somebody ever going to write a good Biztalk book? been interested in it since 2004 ... but all the books suck. plus the certification exam needs to be refreshed

RFID - very interesting, tell me more ...

MCE - moving into "20 new markets, making 30 countries and 17 languages by the end of 2005". sweet!

Architect Certification - has promise, but i don't ever see myself getting in. not that i've even been in the game long enough (7 years full time). but the real question is ... what about Ingo. he's a Solutions Architect MVP, but isn't he something like 25? would they make an exception?

Computational Clusters - Ballmer sort of hinted at Grid computing on Windows being able to push out jobs and such ...

Best time to be in SW? - i'm skeptical about the next 10 years. the gold rush is over, and we might just now be getting over it. doesn't it take at least 15 for people to become stupid again?

... anyway, PDC sounds more like my kind of conference ... too bad i won't be there either :(