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DesktopWeb FormText   book : pervasive computingThu, 16 Jun 2005 03:37:25 GMT # 

(Addison Wesley 2002) er, um ... i didnt really read it ... i just flipped through the pages and looked at the pictures. so i've had this book for about a year, and just got around to reading it. but then i started reading it, and realized i've already done most of what this book is about. the 3rd sentence of the 1st paragraph of the preface reads 'people will be able to interact with the web everywhere and at any time using mobile devices with speech, pen, ...' crap! i just gave a presentation about that last night. then the technologies they talk about are T9, handwriting reco, speech, biometrics, phones, PDAs, WAP, SOAP, crypto, location, ... check, check, check. finally, the book presents an architecture for pervasive computing. at the highest level, that architecture looks surprisingly like my blog engine ... which can render to phone, smartphone, pda, tablet, desktop, and now media center. maybe this book was cool 2 years ago.