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DesktopWeb FormText   book : introduction to evolutionary computingSat, 18 Jun 2005 23:13:31 GMT # 

(Eiben, Smith 2003) this is my new favorite genetic algorithm/programming book. the first half of the book is excellent. even though i've read 2 other intro to GA/GP books, which were real similar to each other, this one was still interesting. this is the first time that i've understood the differences between evolutionary and genetic algorithms and evolutionary and genetic programming. it also went into Learning Classifier Systems ... but i couldn't understand that chapter :( the 2nd half of the book got into variations and advanced scenarios ... which i'm not ready for yet, so i just skimmed it

at least 2 of my buddies are working on GA (possibly GP) implementations, so i'll probably wait for one of those to come out before slinging code. to the point where i understand how other people have successfully used EC for their own projects ... but i still haven't come up with a problem that i want to tackle. about to the point where i'll just copy somebody else's idea to get the ball rolling ... then come up with an original idea later