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DesktopWeb FormText   improved site navigationSun, 19 Jun 2005 05:15:18 GMT # 

some of my friends were bitching to me about how much my website sucks. their main complaints were that it was ugly, and it was hard to find articles because of my terse naming convention. the bad news is that the site will remain ugly. the good news is that i've improved navigation. now the treeview on the right has a dropdownbox which you can use to select the view. you can choose to view by 'technology, device, or year'.

'technology' is the new default view, and i will try to keep it expanded to the latest article. the problem with the 'technology' view is that alot of my articles use 2 different technologies ... so the same article will show up under 2 different categories. 'device' view shows what platform the app was targeting, and the 'year' view is just a chronological listing. the articles should only be listed once in both 'device' and 'year' views