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DesktopWeb FormText   why theaters sucksMon, 20 Jun 2005 03:39:16 GMT # 

the TS wont go see star wars with me, so i finally take off by myself to celebrate 'no kids day'. but i screw up and go on a holiday. so its crowded ... and i basically dont like people. yes ... that means you. sit down in front of a family, specifically the mom. during the previews my seat is getting kicked. i hit the top of my seat which usually scares the people behind me and they give up. instead the kicking becomes more frequent. i turn around, and see that i've now got an under five years old sitting behind me. so the mom and the kid pulled the old switcharoo to protect the kids from the star wars pedophile now sitting next to the mom. which leaves me with the punk kid kicking my chair. the left shoulder tells me to just find another seat ... but they're all taken. the right shoulder tells me to dump all my aquafina on this kid. i restrain myself, and the father controls the kid enough for me to finish the movie ... which sucked BTW. so the moral of the story is ... movie theaters suck because parents dont beat their kids. if i ever have a kid, i promise to beat them so that they behave in public ... at least until they are old enough to kick my ass. i really should have just dumped my water on the little shit