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DesktopWeb FormText   section 2257Fri, 24 Jun 2005 05:15:02 GMT # 

section 2257 went into effect. this requires that producers of explicit content have proper records for all performers (reasonable). it also requires that distributors point to where that information exists (not so reasonable). finally, a business effected by 2257 must publish their address (unreasonable).

the problem is that it effects my site (the distribution aspect, not production). specifically, the /tskTsk and /spHme articles. these web apps convert images to pocketPC today screens (.tsk), and pocketPC today screens (.tsk) to smartPhone home screens (.hme) respectively. so the user either uploads an image (or a .tsk file) and the app returns a generated .tsk (or .hme) file. it also archives these for others to use as their own today/home screen, and there is a mobile interface to let them browse preview images from their device. but how am i supposed to deal with what people upload? because people do upload adult images/today screens. am i expected to moderate every single image/today screen that is submitted? and how am i to define what is explicit? no way, i wrote those apps to be automated ... they just work. else i have to develop some sort of AI to recognize skin tones and quarantine possible violations. possible ... but not to be expected in the real world. since i'm a small fish, i'll choose civil disobedience to see what happens to the big boys first. take as an example ... anonymous camera phone posts ... they're screwed. boingboing have reported how others have already fallen