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DesktopWeb FormText   LinkedIn spamFri, 01 Jul 2005 13:38:17 GMT # 

in the last 24 hours, i have received join spam from 2 of my friends. i really despise these. have i been putting out this vibe that i want to be 'in'? most of my life has been about keeping myself 'out'. its down to my very atheistic core. e.g. when the summerfest singer yells to the crowd to wave their hands in the air, in the unlikely event that i was waving my hands, then i immediately stop and proceed to mentally admonish the rest of the crowd for being sheep. and when i played football, i would tell them that i was on the team ... but not part of the team. only hung out with them because that was an ends to being able to legally hurt people. so who wants to start the 'LinkedOut' service? it would be the list that all social networks would have to check to find out who is anti-social ... because i couldnt care less about kevin bacon