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DesktopWeb FormText   recent questions surveyTue, 05 Jul 2005 18:24:49 GMT # 

i get a decent amount of questions in email from the articles i've written. since the article topics are all over the board, i kind of use this as a judge to determine what people are interested in.

speechServer seems to have the most juice right now, especially for doing multiModal on a PocketPC. also been getting questions about other speech related articles ... so it looks like people are starting to explore. and since MS has announced it will support AJAX development ... how about making sure the Speeck Application SDK can take advantage of it too (because VoiceXML is talking about it). the next most popular item is WorldWind on the PocketPC. most people just want the data and binaries. i'll release those when a commercial device hits the market.

using AI to beat CAPTCHA has lost the most juice. people have mostly stopped asking for the code, or for me to break some other CAPTCHA implementation. i was expecting WSE on the Compact Framework to get renewed juice because of WSE3 and the Indigo Alpha ... but it has only had a few requests. i would have never guessed that project was that much ahead of its time ... in fact, i thought it was late 2 years ago.

i've had Tablet articles out for years, but have never gotten many questions from that space. my assumption is that its because the API is pretty easy for most scenarios. MediaCenter is currently holding my interest, but i've gotten very few questions. at least the idea for the next article has been formed, i just need to crank out the code ... the tech landscape will probably look like AI, MDX, and MCE