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(Chrichton 2002) so i dont normally read fiction, but Marty brought a copy into work and showed how it had a code listing in it ... so i couldnt resist. not to mention i'd already read 5 of the books that are in the bibliography. the story is a scenario of how nanotechnology could go wrong ... with a little biotech mixed in for good measure. the other technologies at play were genetic programming, swarms, evolutionary computing ... and a pinch of fractals. how cool is that! anyway, it was a quick read and i really enjoyed it.

its fitting that i read this after 'fantastic voyage'. in that book, biotech and nanotech are what stops the aging process and then ultimateley reverses it to allow us to live forever. but there is also the scary side of both techs. the 'killer virus' of bio, and the 'grey goo' of nano ... so expect there to be alot of luddites. expect religion to get in the way too (e.g. stem cells). but this technology will happen ... its just too promising. books like this also have me convinced that bio evolution will ultimately be leapfrogged by tech evolution.