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DesktopWeb FormText   intelligent design stupidityFri, 15 Jul 2005 01:27:29 GMT # 

flipping through our 20+ television channels, 3 of which are mostly religious, and i come across a guy explaining intelligent design. as an atheist ... i had to listen ... for entertainments sake. i was able to refute most of the points he was trying to make. his ultimate point was that their had to be a god to create the matter and come up with the design. i'll spare you the my reasoning why i think this is bogus logic (e.g. who designed god, some circular arguments) ... but thats not the point of this post. his argument was a little hard to follow because sometimes he seemed to be saying that the bible should be taken literally ... and other times he wasn't? whenever he steered towards literal it discredited him and he totally ignored anything related to carbon dating. at the end, he did a direct attack on evolutionary teachings. the final point he tried to make was that the teachings of evolution are the blame for abortion, homosexuality, pornography ... all the 'bad' stuff in our society. serious. of course i think thats bogus ... but i have to admit its a smart plan. try to fill in the gaps that science has been poking, offer an alternative belief (that cant be proven), and attack the scientific belief. sometimes i really wish that atheists would be more aggressive ... think militant atheists. but thats not the way it works ... because its about thinking for yourself.

oh well, to represent ... i wore my spaghetti monster shirt to workout